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Bloomberg News.

While I am waiting and imagining what pledge Norman Goldman will come up with, I could not settle on anything as a reasonable counter-balance to the Grover Norquist pledge. But while the tactics that Mayor Bloomberg has employed to clear a park are very disturbing and still to be justified, my point is that there will be further disturbances and justifications will be sorted out, as to the power of their argument.

For now maybe we should put a moratorium on individual death penalties until justice is applied to corporate person hoods. But of course that is a bit too fair and balanced, with nuance.


Rather than display any Elements of Style(E.B. White), I will simply note that this is what brought me to wordpress:The Thom Hartmann Chat room.

and this link: Why we’re not educating the poor… but that was a secondary link, before I noticed its source: Jodi Dean on phases of struggle.  And before I muck this up, I will finally note that I had other ironies in the fire:


In these regards, I stress the video there.   The article is a bit problematic for me, but it could just be me.  I don’t know if it regards my education or my perspective(or our respective writing styles), but I will not muck this up by going down that road, or rather following it to the T.   I might note another T, not necessarily a tangent, but a divergence in the journey, but I will save it for later

[My first edit: I was going to emphasize one or two of these links but find that I have given them enough con text.  i.e. as much as I might intend or pun.]

[10-5-11 UPDATE  see above,(& Before I weave  further…)  now is later:  What, Me Worry?
but more specifically @ asterisk and under I T R or Will be. 
I = Thomas Jefferson
T= Edmond Burke
or Will = to be or not to be
Respect  the danger field.]
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