Indirectly: The Wall Street World View.

Why I might abandon this blog. Moderation. No pun, but it is a job.
[10-21-11 update: linking to Hello World!]
[10-21-11 continued… A rather successful week. Note the jobs pun, re-moderation, technical difficulties…MoveOn(pun)…LIBYA[!](punctuating I Ron Knee[?]) Still rolling…but I will pause…]
[segue? or the point? Participated in a protest and finished watching “debate“]
[The Politics of the Table, and Lib…Ya!]
[Why I might abandon this blog? Not keeping up with the technical requirements…of moderation[*], both in groups or in blogs. The so-called “debate” is an example of group dynamics; editing and moderating a blog, the technical problematics.]
[*] speaking of moderation: apparently the House Speaker’s office needed to answer the phone, as it missed a briefing on the Iraq War. Mission accomplished?