Rather than display any Elements of Style(E.B. White), I will simply note that this is what brought me to wordpress:The Thom Hartmann Chat room.

and this link: Why we’re not educating the poor… but that was a secondary link, before I noticed its source: Jodi Dean on phases of struggle.  And before I muck this up, I will finally note that I had other ironies in the fire:


In these regards, I stress the video there.   The article is a bit problematic for me, but it could just be me.  I don’t know if it regards my education or my perspective(or our respective writing styles), but I will not muck this up by going down that road, or rather following it to the T.   I might note another T, not necessarily a tangent, but a divergence in the journey, but I will save it for later

[My first edit: I was going to emphasize one or two of these links but find that I have given them enough con text.  i.e. as much as I might intend or pun.]

[10-5-11 UPDATE  see above,(& Before I weave  further…)  now is later:  What, Me Worry?
but more specifically @ asterisk and under I T R or Will be. 
I = Thomas Jefferson
T= Edmond Burke
or Will = to be or not to be
Respect  the danger field.]
[10-13-11 upgraded link inserts, added categories and tags]